Morning Sickness! Yuck

We are Back!

Well, although we are thankful that the time is finally here, we are happy to annouce that Sabrina Silins is 25 weeks pregnant! It has been a blessing but the pregnanacy has been plagued with severe nausea and vomitting.

If you are:

In your 30’s/40’sProne to Motion SicknessTend to have low blood sugar or get cranky when you have not eatenPlease look into taking the supplements below for a 3 month period before you plan on conceiving.

Vitamin B6 100mg, twice a dayCinnamon Extract by New Chapter, 2 capsules, twice a dayNatural Calm Magnesium, 1tsp per dayLecithin Approx 2000mg per dayAlso take a look at the youtube video for the famous acupressure point PC6 that can calm Nasuea.