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Reproductive Health

Creating A New Way


At Fertile Way, we create a safe space for people to reconnect with love and themselves again.

Through traditional methods, science and spirit we heal infertility, reproductive imbalances, and intimacy related issues. Through mentorship we guide clinicians to expand their skillset, make transformational impacts and create the practice of their dreams.

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Patient Journeys

Have you ever wondered whether you’re really showing up for your life? These are some of the Souls who put in the WORK. They were gracious enough to go on a creative journey with me. Our wish is that you may see parts of yourself in their story, so as to provide you with Hope, Determination & Compassion. Read More…


We create miracles.


Reproductive & Fertility Care
It's not just about hormones

This process is not just about regulating your hormones and helping you conceive, it is about transforming the way you show up in your world and create. Sabrina helps lead you down a path of self-discovery as an individual, a partner, and a parent. 

Sexual Health Support
It’s About More Than Sex

This is an area we tend to compartmentalize. Sexuality can be fun, loving and freeing, but sometimes it can be an empty, desire driven, scary and confusing space.

Love & Spiritual Mentorship
Explore your strengths and what is standing in the way.

Whether you believe in God, Buddha, Creator, Universe, Allah, Jesus, Mahanta, etc. we can always build a more fulfilling relationship with Spirit than what we currently have. While exploring your care we will teach you how to experience more love through the powerhouse of the heart.


Accepting new patients

Explore your strengths and what is standing in the way



How to get the most out of working with us:

  •  A belief in a higher power. Whether it is the Creator, God, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Mahanta, etc. We can help you cultivate this further if needed

  •  A willingness to explore your blind spots/shadows, as well as the beautiful part of yourself. Genuinely.

  • Love, Integrity, and Respect while working with us. We are deserving of this just as much as you are.

  • An open mind


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