Clinical Mentorship & Education

Throughout the years, Sabrina has been sought out by students, colleagues and educational institutions in Canada to experience mentorship. Only accepting a handful of students to shadow her, she is now offering clinical visits to your office to fine tune your practice, and online consults.

Mentorship is the key to the lifelong evolution of your practice. This is not only for you, but for your patients. Many of us build our practice while alone in a treatment room, without the well rounded feedback we need to keep evolving.

As a clinician, you know that we must treat our wellbeing and relationships with well rounded care, this also applies for our practices.

Areas of Support in:

  • Finding the appropriate specialization for you.

  • Improving your intuitive listening, communication and touch skills.

  • Helping your clinical business thrive, while genuinely providing care. Whether you are new or a veteran.

  • Help with a particular ailment you cannot resolve in patients.

  • Struggling with your own personal wellbeing.

  • Finding your own unique protocol and way of treating.

  • Managing clinic or colleague dynamics.

  • Tapping into other dimensions.

Sabrina will help you transform your practice from one of basic protocols to your own personal creation. As clinicians, we are not beyond help. Once we realize this we can experience more freedom and satisfaction in our practice.

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