Following Your Destiny

There are so many ways to stimulate the nervous system now, Phones, TVs’, Cars, Music, Computers, and it is often hard to follow that gut instinct which may have once led you as a child or in the stillness on vacation or on a hike in the mountains. You can tell Richard indeed is following a gut instinct, a destiny if you will and inturn he is creating great things for others in his community.

When you work without love, you only serve half of mans longing.

Stress related illness can be directly related with an nonfulfillment of ones life path and desires. Chinese Medicine, EFT, certain Books, etc. can all be pieces to the pie that help teach you to pay attention and fulfill your Destiny. After all, we were never taught how to communicate, raise a family, tend to our emotions, etc. in school, so these are skills you will have to learn on your own.

So, turn off the phone, the TV, even for just a day and see if you can hear that little voice guide you along. You deserve to live a life of Health and Wellness....Not only for yourself, but for others.