Paws In Need Animal Rescue

Hi my name is Sophie and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. I was found at the Pigeon Lake dump with my 11 brothers and sister when we were only 8 weeks old. Me and my brother Enzo were fostered by the loving people from Paws in Need Animal Rescue until we found our “fur”ever homes. My other siblings were fostered out to some of the other amazing animal organizations in and around Edmonton. The dump sure isn’t the safest place to spend the first few weeks of a pup’s life and unfortunately not all my siblings were as lucky as me and my brother to survived our ordeal.I bet your thinking that since I have found my fur ever home that my life is a bunch of chew toys and bum sniffing, but that’s not the case for me. I have been diagnosed with a genetic condition in my hind right knee cap called a luxating patella which has caused a partial tear in my puppy ACL. I am now in need of an expensive surgery to not only fix my knee cap but as well to repair my torn ACL. Fortunately with the combined help from Paws in Need Animal Rescue, Companion and Friends Doggie Daycare, donations from some awesome humans and the rest of my adoptive family’s savings I am able to have my surgery.The next part of my journey to recovery isn’t as picture perfect. As I mentioned above my adoptive family has used the rest of their saving to pay for my surgery so there isn’t money left to support my medical needs for my estimated 8 month recovery time. So the long and short of this story you are reading is that me and my family are requesting help with my recovery. If you wish to support me during my journey please make a donation in my name to Paws in Need Animal Rescue. You can either contact them through their email at or through their facebook page.Thank you for taking the time to read my story.