Infertility Diet?

Most people will look on the internet for fertility diets, fat diets, calming diets, cleanses. We count calories, look at gluten, cut out milk, and eat free range.In Chinese Medicine, the key to knowing what "diet" is good for you is to heighten your own senses. Increase your:HEARINGSMELLINGTOUCHTASTESIGHTMOVEMENTWhen you increase these in the body, you become more aware. Therefor you will know what foods work best for your system, rather than going with a popular "diet".Animals have a consciousness, not only do they pass on their protein to us, they also pass on their emotional health as well. If a chicken has high anxiety while living, what will this do to us when we eat this food source? All aspects of the Chickens life force is passed onto us.Much like human transplant patients that have memories or personality traits from their donors.Chinese Medicine can help your system to become aware of your senses along with working on your chef ailment.Step one. You must smell something real each and every day for 5-10 seconds and be aware of it. A flower, an essential oil, a river, fresh cut grass.What a brilliant medicine.