Are you tired? Giving and Receiving

Are you tired?We give and we take, just like nature does. A tree can not give its oxygen, fruit, shade, if it does not take in nutrients from the soil, sun, and air. Sometimes ant and bugs come along too, even the odd squirrel. The tree has to figure out if it can house these extra buddies. Sometimes it will welcome a squirrell and sometimes it gets sick because there are to many ants. Sometimes extending yourself is the right thing to do, sometimes it is ok to say no and walk away.Where are you expending all your energy? Are you exhausted or feeling "off" because you are giving all your energy to those around you that are actually damaging you?Do you give your balloon away to help others all the time or do you say no when you realize that it is not in your best interest?How to navigate this?Flower Essences are a great way to start. Roberta Shephard specializes in creating tincures that bring your blind spots to the surface so you can be aware of what REALLY requires your energy and what doesn’t. Read her bio to find out more and click on our contact page to book in.