Vibrational medicine is commonplace in many countries around the world.

Whether it be Homeopathy, Plasma Technology, Flower Essences, Qi Gong, Sounds therapy, Light therapy, etc. In North America it is still quite a struggle for us to understand this. Simply because we have fixed thinking. We are using only one part of us - our brain to translate the information.

We all intuitively understand what a pep talk does to a sports team, if you garden you understand what genuine care does to plant, when you walk in a room full of angry people you can feel then dense energy in the air. To utilize this information we must develop a deeper relationship with our heart and spirit, rather than just knowing it is there. Ultimately we are vibrational beings. If we are afraid to become a mother, or a father, our cells know. If we fantasize about domination in our personal sexual experiences, our cells exude this energy beyond the bedroom. If we believe we are truly worthless, our cells know and immune system displays this.

Books like:

  • The secret life of Plants - By Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

  • The hidden life of Trees - By Peter Wholleben

  • The Heart’s code - By Paul Pearsall

Help begin to bridge the gap between our mind and hearts, something that is needed in the west in order to trust our intuition. Through consultation or treatment, we will always incorporate vibrational medicine. It is a crucial game changer.

Areas of Support in:

  • Viral infections

  • Vaginal/Penile Infections

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Mental and Emotional blocks

  • Infertility

  • Pain

We help you learn how to translate what your body is saying. This is the greatest gift we can give. Through resolve of your ailments, you will begin to understand what the power of vibration has in your life, and how to use it in your health, relationships, business decisions and beyond.