No Progesterons & Strained Marriage


Dakota always did a fantastic job of putting on a happy face and presenting as bubbly at every session. I really enjoyed working with her. She had no progesterone and would frequently check her levels through her medical doctor.

After a few months of using herbs, I asked her to stop checking the blood work. My gut told me this was not the answer, even-though logically based on the blood work Dakota would never conceive. I also had a vision about timing around a possible pregnancy. I did not deliver this information with Integrity, and genuinely apologized. This laid a solid foundation for our relationship.

She went on to get pregnant naturally with her first child. The picture you see is her holding her second child. Unfortunately, her marriage was strained and was so for a long time. She was a master at hiding this and only disclosed this after her second child. Sadly, her husband was addicted to cocaine, alcohol, etc and continually hid where he was late at night. I referred her to the appropriate practitioners, cared for her, and also had her look at her own shadows and polarity in the marriage. Thankfully, they are both pulling through. She most recently told her family which was crucial to make it through the next steps. 

  •  No Progesterone

  •  Strained Marriage

  •  Accountability on my part and hers

  •  Gut Instincts

  •  Visions

  •  Vulnerable enough to ask for help

  •  Willingness

  •  Consistently happy patients most often are hiding much more pain, conscious or unconscious.