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Past Events & Workshops

We are proud to offer a variety of Events & Workshops in the Edmonton Area. Please find information about our past events below.



A glimpse into Beauty - The confidence series.
May 2019

The Confidence Series hosted by Sabrina Souto is unique to the city of Edmonton and we would love to have you join us! 

Sabrina uses her formal skills as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as Hypnotherapy for the last 18 years to create experiences that truly facilitate lasting change. She understands the human condition regardless of your ailment - pain, fertility and hormone imbalances, mental health, sexual wellness, blocks around business and life purpose. 

Expression through Burlesque while exploring how sexuality shows up for you is an incredible place to start on the journey to wellness and confidence. This workshop will not only help you explore more about your own innate beauty but it will open the gateway to overall better health. When these foundations are curated with love, they are essential contributors to deeper self-love, resiliency in relationships, creative business expression and beyond. 

This workshop is in collaboration with Layla Le Lay and Vintage Photography and will be a catalyst to viewing yourself as a beautiful and empowered being.:

  • Layla Le Lay is student of Psychology at MacEwan, Professional Burlesque dancer, Pin-up and Boudoir Model, Yoga/Meditation Teacher and owner of a transformational travel company The Forever Journey Retreats.  

    Vintage Photography is driven by a sense for community. A community that shares a deep rooted passion for creativity, individual expression and artistry. An image is an end result, but it is the people we work with and the beauty captured that inspires us. 

    Together we have a wonderful afternoon planned for you! 


Our afternoon will include:

  • Introduction to the crew and a photography session to start off! Lead by Layla Le Lay and Vintage Photography.

  • Now that we've gotten the nerves out of the way, you will learn more about how sexual energy relates to your work, relationships, finance, etc. Then you will experience a group Hypnotherapy session around Confidence. This is a specialized form of Hypnotherapy called RTT developed by Marisa Peer. - Lead By Sabrina Souto

  • Fruit and Water Snack

  • A Meditation to ground you and help you cultivate even further your creative energy.  - Lead by Layla Le Lay.

  • An interactive introduction into Burlesque and our own innate sensuality and beauty. You will have a chance to explore new movement in the body and the opportunity to express energy that is unique to you. This is great for people of all levels of bodily awareness; we will be learning together. Lead by Layla Le Lay 

  • A final photography experience with Vintage Photography and Layla facilitating posing. You will learn posing that best suits your body and full expression. Your confidence will be at its height and you will be able to see the difference between the image taken when you first arrived with and this one. You will be provided with both edited individual digital photo, and 1 edited digital group shot that you take part it if you choose. Picture Vogue Magazine cover. We will facilitate groups of 2-4 people based on the energy of the individuals.

*Please note we would love to share these photo's throughout our channels, as it will hopefully impact others and their expression of beauty, confidence and sexuality. Redefining it perhaps. We will ask you to sign a waiver after we have sent you your digital copy if you agree to part take in this further experience. 




Sabrina Souto



Sara Bruno

@laylalelay & @theforeverjourney.retreats


Vintage Photography 




What can I bring into the event?

Please show up dressed in whatever you feel beautiful in. A dress, jeans, see-through top, etc. If it is a tad to skimpy for a walk through the Holes Greenhouse then bring it as a change of clothes. Full makeup or Not. But be mindful that you should be expressing yourself in a new way, a way that you see yourself or hope to see yourself.