Intuitive Referrals

This is one of our specialties. It began with the Founder of Fertile Way - Sabrina Souto, and now expands to a few select practitioners. Often we know when something feels “off”, but we don’t know where to start or who can help. Sabrina’s track record for mentoring patients, students and colleagues is second to none.

 In this cohesive experience you will be lead in a new direction, and learn new ways to cultivate more intuition yourself with the use of your own spiritual practice.If you are wondering what supplement to take, what practitioner to see, how to strengthen your practice, or you just feel stuck. The team will help you explore other possibilities.This is a 35 minute call/online session designed as a reset/redirect when you are experiencing a block and need some freedom.

Areas of Support:

  • Confusion, exhaustion, jealousy, conflict, inadequacy, Need an ear.

  • Doubt, chaos, fine tune your next steps, expanding your relationship with your higher power.

  • What practitioner to see if your local town, what supplement is appropriate, etc.

We provide care in the Edmonton area. We provide zoom and phone calls internationally.