Event 1 Title

  • Experience powerful ceremonies to honour the divine feminine

  • Be in sacred circle as witnesses to each others’ experiences of sexuality

  • Learn teachings about sacred sexuality & conscious relationships

  • Become part of a community to extend & support one another in your continued evolution

Learn about the 4 main archetypes of FEMALE SEXUALITY and how to embody each one.

3 Day Event includes:

  • Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • 1 FREE 30 min CONSULT with Nathalie post event

  • Healing Workbook with processes & inspirations


Why Choose Retreats, Programs, & Workshops for Hormonal Health and Fertility?

Here at Fertile Way we have chosen only the most qualified practitioners whom strive to provide exceptional results with a compassionate ear. Compiling years of experience we have found the most effective way to transform a client is in a group setting. Our Workshops provide strong scientific background to our care along with exploring the mind and spirit, which is crucial is helping individuals create change in their life. Natural Hormonal Treatments can be used on their own or in collaboration with prescriptions, IUI, IVF.


What will some our Workshops Include?

  • Education on Chinese Medicine Foundations for Hormonal Health and Fertility

  • Holistic care for the mind, heart and spirit

  • Hands on Acupressure Techniques

  • Education on Sexual Health and the Spirit

  • Education on the Environment, Music and Mental perspectives for healing

  • Western Diagnostics on Hormonal Health and Fertility

  • Hands on Holistic Nutrition Education

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - Group Settings providing transformational healing of the Body, Mind, Spirit

  • Collaborative Treatment Plans

 All our Workshops are held in venues that provide nutrient rich foods and nature in the surrounding area. It is recommended that couples, family members and friends come with each other. Community heals, this we know.

"In order for things to change in your life, you must change things in your life"


Prepare for your workshop

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Focusing on healing our sexual wounds within the sacred sisterhood of women. We will dive deeply into our sexual shadows, explore areas that are often considered taboo and hidden within our society, reclaim the sacred feminine within, and celebrate all the wonder of being a WOMAN!This work is highly transformative and deeply healing. It is for those of you who have explored your own shadows and want to gain wisdom and power from all parts of yourself...Your Experience

  • FRIDAY 9am - 6pm (lunch included)

  • SATURDAY 9am - 9pm (Lunch included; bring supper)

  • SUNDAY 9am - 5pm



  • Regular Rate: $495

  • Payment plans are available

  • For enquires or to register, contact Nathalie:

  • info@nathaliejackson.com

  • 7809166081


Who is this event for?

This event is for those who identify as women.