Chinese Medicine is a Holistic Health Care System which umbrella’s many different modalities. At Fertile Way, we nourish traditions while integrating North American advances. Natural Fertility Treatments, Depression & Anxiety Support, PCOS, Pregnancy Support, Menstrual Health and Menopause are areas where we provide specialized effective care.Most prescription drugs are derived from plants, tree, and fungus but can carry a long list of side effects because they are not naturally metabolized in the body.

What services does Fertile Way provide?

Chinese Herbs • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) • Fertility and Acupuncture • Moxabustion • Flower Essences • Custom Formulas • Visualization • Holisitic Nutrition • Acutonics • Homeopathics • Online/ Phone Consultations

Chinese Herbs: Most prescription drugs are derived from plants, tree, and fungus but can carry a long list of side effects because they are not naturally metabolized in the body. All our herbal products go through a rigorous testing process insuring the highest quality for our clients.

EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques: This is an Alternative Intervention Technique utilizing the tapping of Acupuncture points while a client focuses on specific issues. This helps connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain, creating new neuro-pathways to help address belief systems that contribute to physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Moxabustion: This unique herb stimulates blood circulation and is well known for its efficacy to turn a baby that is Breech.

Flower Essences: Developed by the English Physician Dr. Edward Bach, Flower Essences along with Homeopathic enjoy a reputation of being highly beneficial and safe to use. They can be presented in liquid or sugar pill form. This modality helps to nourish the spirit, just as food sustains the human body.

Custom Formulas: After an initial consultation our practitioners will continue to research your specific needs and formulate a capsulated or tea formula.

Visualization & Affirmations: There is a large body of scientific evidence showing that the mind and body are closing linked. A fact that has been known for thousands of years in Traditional Medicine. Physical patterns are created in sympathy with mental patterns.

Acupuncture: Gaining ground in North America, Acupuncture can raise Serotonin Levels, balance the Immune and Endocrine System and provide mental and emotional support while calming the mind. Scientific evidence has shown it to be effective for pain, menstrual cramping, digestive disorders, IUI/IVF support, insomnia, etc.Holistic Nutrition: Focuses on Natural Whole Food consumption addressing deficiencies through dietary sources. We recommend you follow one primary rule when choosing foods; consume foods as close to it’s original source as possible.

Acutonics: Much like Physiotherapists use Ultrasound to relieve pain we use the "original" version; tuning forks. Sound vibration in treament draws more blood and oxygen to the area, supporting healing and calming the mind. Intuitively we know sound heals through singing and listening. A unique treatment protocol that once experienced even the cynic won’t rival.