Chinese & Functional Medicine

We are pioneers in the realm of Chinese Medicine here in Edmonton and abroad. We work with the foundations of this ancient teaching, and our respective educational backgrounds to find answers beyond the standard explanation of an ailment.

There are many ways to experience Chinese Medicine, such as through herbs, cupping, gua sha, qi gong, etc. We do however translate many of the teachings in our own unique way, with remarkable results. We are able to see if you need a microdose of an herb which is more vibrational/emotional in nature, sometimes we add certain herbal blends to the body while cupping to induce the nervous system to relax. Not only do we move stagnant energy like pain or numbness, but we also transform it with the use of Heart Math. We are well versed in listening to the truth in a patients voice, and often discover what is not being said.

Our pulse diagnosis has also evolved into 2 more crucial components that includes both physical and metaphysical.Functional Medicine has more a Western foundation. Although we often go beyond the physical to find the root cause, we have a deep respect for science and many of the advancements its afforded us in emergency medicine.We suggest unique blood draws that your doctor or naturopath may not explore, especially for men.

Exploration about how the immune system plays a major role in Fertility and Sexual health, and the consciousness of a virus and how to manage it. Functional psychology and leadership skills within your own wellbeing and relationships are also suggested if needed.

Areas of Reproductive, Fertility Support and Sexual Health in Edmonton and abroad:

  • PCOS

  • Low Libido

  • Intrusive thoughts

  • Blocked tubes

  • Menopause

  • Pain

  • Allergies

We help you learn how to translate what your body is saying. True Chinese Medicine is a lost art, much like aboriginal medicine and Ayurveda. We believe we are helping to expand the knowledge that was passed to us, and evolve it. Much like those that will come after us.

We help you learn how to translate what your body is saying.

Medicine is an art.