Why do you want to build your Family?

Over the last 15 years often times I am so focused on helping a family concieve that I do not intiate the conversation of why? Why do you want to build your family? This question is not meant to come from a place of judgement, but from a place where you can start to build a closer relationship with your heart, soul and current family.The questions below are an intial step that will lay the foundation. They will help you find a flow in your journey, rather than pushing and pulling it. For now, flow is what you need to start with, and in time you will have to climb, rest, blaze, stand tall and then connect.How do you view your place in this world?What kind of realtionship do you have with yourself?What kind of relationship do you have with the earth?If you didnt have another addition to your family, how would you feel about yourself?Do you believe that a soul/child could come to you through adoption?Do you love yourself?Do you believe that your own Soul and Heart are important to your existence?