Male Infertility

It Takes Two

The tests for men are Very limited. The standard Semen analysis includes: Motility (how fast and straight they swim), Morphology (what the sperm looks like), the Sperm Count (how many are in a collection), Semen Volume ( the amount of Ejacualte), Vitality (How many are alive)

Different clincs also do PH testing, DNA fragmentation, Chromosomal and Antibody Testing. Not evey Fertility Clinic is created equal. Even in Alberta.

Start with our environment. Look at our Bees and Fish. Reporductive problems and disease are showing up in our most basic food supply and providers.

Take the time to watch this documentary. Once you have an awareness about something, you are now responsible for it. We will always have environmental toxins, we now have to learn to adapt. But, we still must try to make a consious effort to limit our exposure in a balanced way.