How Teachable Are You?

How Teachable Are You? If you come across information that seems GREAT, Explore it, if it is seems SILLY or SCARY or ANGERS you, Explore it. If you have no emotion tied to it, move on.

Exploring anything outside of the "norms" regarding Health Care is a hard road to travel for most people. If you expect to be responsible for your health however, you must be willing to put time and effort into your own research. Most people will do a quick google search, look at the first page and read an article that is 200-500 words long and now they are "educated" in the subject.

First things first, lets get your brain in a place where it wants to learn. Baroque Classical Music is an excellent place to start. This music connects boths hemispheres of the Brain, making it easier to concentrate and take in information. What may this do for your health you ask? It will calm the nervous system and help creat new neuropathways. When at work, reading a book, driving to a meeting, put on this music and see how your