Dr. Sabrina Souto R.Ac,


Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Specializing in Reproductive and Sexual Health in Edmonton and abroad.

  •  A Clinical Mentor for colleagues and students.
  •  A Fertility Expert that is always evolving.
  •  A Sexual Health Visionary that is determined.
  •  An Intuitive Guide for those that need a redirect to their path.
  •  A Spiritual Educator for those that want to build a deeper and love-based relationship with spirit beyond what they currently have. Whether you believe in God, Buddha, Creator, Universe, Allah, Jesus, Mahanta, etc.

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Success Stories

What My Clients Are Saying:

“My experience with Chinese Medicine and specifically Sabrina was exceptional. Not only did this treatment option address my health concerns at the time, Sabrina always listened for what else was going on in my life that could be impacting my balance and pain. Sabrina is not just a healer but a teacher and I am grateful for her care and guidance during an extremely challenging time. I was always amazed at how great I felt after her treatments. I highly recommend Chinese Medicine and Sabrina for anyone requiring help with chronic pain, stress or insomnia.”

– Bonnie M.,

Calgary, Alberta

Success Stories 

What My Clients Are Saying:

“I truly believe in traditional Chinese Medicine. I originally went to Dr. Souto with chronic Sciatic pain. I was totally amazed at how quickly that pain could be resolved. I continued to see Dr. Silins and was treated for many different problems with supplements, reading and her kind and attentive attitude. Thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine ie: Acupuncture and Chiropractic adjustments my Back problems are now manageable. I have not felt the need to seek Traditional Chinese treatment for many years but should the need arise I will not hesitate to use that avenue of treatment.”

  • Wilma B.


Success Stories

What My

Clients Are Saying:

“I’ve been working with Dr. Souto for about a year now. The one thing you will notice about her is that she cares, honestly, fully about you, and what you are there to see her for. I’ve had migraines for 12 years of my life; they were debilitating and required a lot of prescription medication and painkillers to get them to cease, or least be able to function. It has been a long process, but I am now off of medication, and have gone from having migraines several times a month, for several days at a time, to about once per month. This is a miracle! She has performed acupuncture, cupping, as well as prescribed me several herbs to take. In addition to Dr. Souto’s advice, I have taken flower essence, and have been working on mediation through yoga, and visual CDs. I would suggest anyone with migraines to de-stress and try alternative therapies, given this has worked for me! Finally, I would encourage those working through problems and issues not to give up, as it can be a long process, but well worth the results! Dr. Silins gives you support the entire time, suggesting, guiding, counselling you through it. She is the best!”


Fertile - Becoming a new individual.Way - A method or manner of doing something

Here at Fertile Way we are seeking to create partnerships to show you a method or manner of transformation to make a change in your health & wellbeing.

Where we can help:

Reproductive and Fertility Support:
  •  IVF
  •  IUI
  •  Amenorrhea
  •  Menopause
  •  Endometriosis
  •   Fibroids
  •  High FSH
  •  Low Progesterone/Estrogen
  •  Immune Compromised
  •  Low Sperm Count
  •  Antibodies
  •  Recurrent Miscarriage
  •  Nervous about becoming a parent
  •  Always had a fear that you couldn’t conceive
  •  Feeling pressured
  •  Alcohol, drugs, Marijuana
  •  Conscious relating in Partnership and Parenting, etc.
Sexual Wellbeing:
  •   Low Libido
  •   Pain during intercourse
  •   Low Testosterone
  •   Erectile dysfunction
  •   Fantasy
  •   Porn Addictions
  •   Sexual Shadows
  •   Infidelity
  •   Sexual Trauma
  •  CBD/THC Love Making
  •  Orgasm
  •  Creativity
  •  Spiritual Development
  •  Fear
  •  No feeling
  •  Unsatisfied
  •  Disturbing thoughts and Needs
  •  Curious – Bored, etc.
  •  Confusion
  •  Exhaustion
  •  Jealousy
  •  Conflict
  •  Inadequacy
  •  Need an ear
  •  Doubt
  •  Chaos
  •  Fine tune your next steps
  • Help with a child
  •  Plateaued
  •  Building your Spiritual relationship with God or a higher power, etc.

Fertility Way Team 

Alanna Prather
RMT and Heart Math Coach

Alanna brings Spirit and Compassion to her massage work and is a leader in Hearth Math education and resiliency. She has a rare gift in which she can teach you how to Love.

Geha Gonthier
B.A., LMT, ERYT, R.Ac., Chinese Medicine & Women's Health

Geha is a Senior acupuncturist with over 40 years of experience. She is pioneer in creating conscious clinics, and personal development.

Roberta Shepherd,HHP
 Flower Essences & Women’s Health

Roberta specializes in vibrational medicine using Flower Essence’s. She is able to open one's ability to see themselves as a spiritual being, and work through what is standing in the way to experience more in life.

Ashley Perrin
R.Ac. - Acupuncture & Women’s Health

Ashley is an acupuncturist whom patients feel utterly safe with and therefor become ready to do the work that is so essential to transformation.

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Professionally Sabrina values mentorship. After completing her education at ACATCM in Calgary, and a clinical internship in China, she studied under the late Dr. David Chu for 6 years. Sabrina believes genuine Mentorship is the key to valuable and effective care, in whatever industry you may specialize in. It takes a team.

As an examiner for Alberta Health and Wellness, she also developed regulations in other Canadian Provinces, was an Instructor at Grant Macewan College, a valued clinician on International ships, and an educator to doctors in Uganda, Africa, professionally, she has a had a well rounded career.

However, after all these years, her most beloved area of work is to serve the patients she works with. She has dedicated her life to the exploration to all things science, ancient, local, seen, felt and beyond in the name of love for others and herself.

“Choose Love Always” – Sabrina Souto


About Fertile Way

A Collective – We are a collective of people within Edmonton and abroad that help others in the realm of Reproduction, Fertility, Pregnancy loss, Sexual Wellbeing, Immune and Mental Health. We work for our heart’s success and the significance of making a difference in another’s life. Most notably however, we teach you how to navigate your own wellbeing in the future beyond our care.

Partnership – We create a genuine partnership with you. Whether it is with one of us, or a few of us. Using our years of experience and wisdom gained through practice, we give value, actionable roadmaps and results, that are unique to you, your spirit and our team.

We understand that your life is beyond the cells and parts you encompass.

How – Fertile Way provides Online Consultations, Treatments and Education in Edmonton, Alberta and abroad.
Our practitioners use Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Heart Math, Emotional Education and Holistic Nutrition to build happy and healthy individuals, in collaboration with Western Medicine and Science when needed.

We understand that there are many other places you can receive support, but we not only care for a particular condition, we help transform you in the process.