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About Fertile Way

Fertile – Becoming a new individual.

Way – A method or manner of doing something.

Here at Fertile Way we are seeking to create partnerships to show you a method or manner of transformation to make a change in your health & wellbeing.

Recognizing that we live in this world using our Body, Mind and Spirit, we not only strive to bring new little ones in this world, but also to balance a Woman and her Family. Fertile Way is very proud of our practitioners, whom are consistently collaborating to focus on your needs.

We specialize in care for Mental Health, Hormonal Balance (including post IVF support), Fertility, Early Pregnancy loss, Immune & Cancer support, and Menopause. Fertile Way provides Online Consultations, Treatments and Education in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our practitioners use Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Emotional Education and Holistic Nutrition to build happy and healthy individuals.

The type of care we provide can raise Serotonin levels, balance the Immune and Endocrine system and provide lasting results in Mental and Emotional Health.

Love, The Staff at Fertile Way


Where we can help:

  •  Mental Health  – Depression/Anxiety
  •  Infertility/PCOS
  •   IUI/IVF Support
  •  Irregular Menstruation
  •   Menopause
  •  Pain Management
  •  Cancer Support
  •   Digestive Imbalances
  •  Immune Disorders