There are some common themes within the human healing experience.


Most often we will look externally for answers as a first step. Google, Doctor’s, Books, Family perhaps. Thankfully each one of these has it’s merit, but you are reading this because you are searching for more. It may be through sheer exhaustion, a referral from a friend, google, a dream, your own divine guidance and intuition that you are here.


How to get the most out of working with us:

  • A belief in a higher power. Whether it is the Creator, God, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Mahanta, etc. We can help you cultivate this further if needed

  • A willingness to explore your blind spots/shadows, as well as the beautiful part of yourself. Genuinely.

  • Love, Integrity, and Respect while working with us. We are deserving of this just as much as you are.

  • An open mind

Our commitment to you:

  • We will be honest about the areas you may want to explore. Your own free will is extremely important. We will never compromise this and say our way is the only way.

  • We will help you to the best of our abilities, and display integrity if we are not the right fit for you.

  • We will teach you how to get in tune with your own inner compass, beyond helping you heal your main concern. You are a powerful being and this is a crucial skill set needed in life, at home, in business, with family, individually and beyond. We would not consider ourselves effective “healers” if we “fixed” you and left you to your own devices. You deserve more than this.


We don’t have all the answers here, but we do have determination, courage, love, knowledge, and experience, where as a team we have witnessed miraculous transformations. Some within months, some within years.

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