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About Vitex/Chasteberry

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Why is Vitex (Chasteberry) so Popular?

This is one of the popular Natural Fertility Treatment Herbs. The leaves and the stem grow to about 4 inches along with the flowers and ripening seeds. The berries have the strongest effect on the body, but most often a formula is combined with the leaves, flowers and stem which are not as potent. In ancient times this herbs was beleived to be an aphrodisiac.

Vitex is often used to strengthen the later part of a woman’s cycle where the (LH) Lutenizing Hormone is most dominant. It is said to balance progesterone levels, regulate cycles, and balance PCOS. 

This is one of of key ingredients in our Go With the Flow Formula. Whether you have (ir)regular periods, PMS symptoms, unexplained infertility or PCOS; GO with the Flow is professionally formulated with unparalled results to help balance the monthly menstrual cycle. This remarkable formula contains ancient herbs that have been time tested through generations to strengthen a woman, the Fertile Way.

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