Looking in someone's eyes, touch, an in person experience is so valuable and sacred in our busy lives.

We do however know that we are not all living in the same city, and as a result of technology and further awareness we have seen how valuable online sessions are.
To tune into a voice, and create a connection that goes beyond a treatment room. Quantum Entanglement perhaps?

As we develop this online platform we will be adding more resources for reading, in person symposiums,
and current patients that have experienced success whom are now at a level where they can be a listening ear if needed. Similar to an online forum.


We offer clear and concise care utilizing:

  • Nutrition and Vibrational food choices

  • Herbs and natural remedies

  • Suppressed emotional discoveries

  • Suggestions for care in your area if needed in person

  • Cultivating intuition and your strengths

  • Deepening your spiritual connection

  • Conscious relationship coaching

  • Reiki

  • Vibrational Medicine

  • Conscious parenting coaching

Areas of Care in 

  • Fertility

  • Sexual Health

  • Immune dysfunction

  • Mentorship for Clinicians

  • Pain

  • Mental Health

  • Gynecological Health


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