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Why do you want to build your family? ›
August 23, 2017   0

Why do you want to build your Family? Over the last 15 years often times I am so focused on helping a family concieve that I do not intiate the conversation of why? Why do you...

Dr. Nadine Caron - An Oncology Surgeon providing true Health Care ›
July 2, 2016   0

Dr. Nadine Caron, is an First Nations Surgeon in British Columbia, Canada. She is an inspiration and could be considered a mentor for all Western and Eastern Doctors. She speaks of being an expert in her...

Are you tired? Giving and Receiving ›
December 14, 2015   0

 Are you tired? We give and we take, just like nature does. A tree can not give its oxygen, fruit, shade, if it does not take in nutrients from the soil, sun, and air. Sometimes ant...

Infertility Diet? ›
June 23, 2015   0

Most people will look on the internet for fertility diets, fat diets, calming diets, cleanses. We count calories, look at gluten, cut out milk, and eat free range. In Chinese Medicine, the key to knowing what...

Walking in Edmonton ›
April 26, 2015   0

I love walking in Edmonton, and this is my happiest form of exercise.  Intuitively we know that walking is necessary. It is simple, and free. If your mind needs to be convinced as to why we need...

Flower Essence for Change ›
February 19, 2015   0

 ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? Are you ready TO change: That unfulfilling job or relationship? That compromising living situation? That deficient thought process that tells you that you’re “not good enough” are “not doing enough” or that “it’s up...

Are you getting enough human contact in Edmonton? ›
January 19, 2015   0

Being touched is a powerful experience. It’s therapeutic.... some would even say it’s necessary to being human. But it’s something our society doesn’t really embrace. And the natural opportunities we do have for physical contact...

If Life Gives you Lemons ›
January 15, 2015   0

If life gives you lemons, move through it and move on. Why do people choose to come see me? They usually are desperate for care and are looking for a last resort.  Althought we can regulate your...

PCOS Educating ›
September 17, 2014   0

Need more information on PCOS? Keep in mind, no single piece of information is 100%, but it is important to get information on any ailments that you may have. This is physical aspect of PCOS. Flower...

Anxiety? Who’s got your back? ›
June 12, 2014   0

In all our years of schooling. Why are we not taught how to manage Anxiety in North America? "That sense that no one has your back" If you are powerful enough to experience anxiety, You are powerful...

Male Infertility ›
May 3, 2014   0

 It Takes Two The tests for men are Very limited. The standard Semen analysis includes: Motility (how fast and straight they swim), Morphology (what the sperm looks like), the Sperm Count (how many are in a...

Grain Brain in Edmonton? ›
October 29, 2013   0

 "The brain thrives on a fat-rich, low-carbohydrate diet, which unfortunately is relatively uncommon in human populations today," Dr. David says. Carbohydrates typically thought of as healthy, even brown rice, 100% whole grain bread, or quinoa—mainstays of...

Edmonton Magnesium Options & Chocolate Cravings ›
July 22, 2013   0

Magnesium is grossly deficient in the great majority of people existing on modern diets. The clinical situation is so bad that when it comes to magnesium people with chronic diseases can be sure that their...

Following Your Destiny ›
May 29, 2013   0

There are so many ways to stimulate the nervous system now, Phones, TVs’, Cars, Music, Computers, and it is often hard to follow that gut instinct which may have once led you as a child...

Morning Sickness! Yuck ›
March 8, 2013   0

We are Back!  Well, although we are thankful that the time is finally here, we are happy to annouce that Sabrina Silins is 25 weeks pregnant! It has been a blessing but the pregnanacy has been...

Paws In Need Animal Rescue ›
September 17, 2012   0

   Sophie and Paws In Need Animal Rescue are looking for your support! Hi my name is Sophie and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. I was found at the Pigeon Lake dump with...

Need to Exercise? Michelle and Jack at Ageless Fitness will teach you how! ›
August 18, 2012   0

Michelle and Jack are personal trainers, professional body builders and married! I have personally worked with this couple and am happy to share this excellent segment. If you are looking to loose wieght, tone up, recover...

Why Integration of Western and Eastern Medicine is integral in your fertility and hormonal success. ›
August 13, 2012   2

Why are we not working together in Edmonton, Alberta? Many other clinics in North America including Calgary, Alberta see the clinical benefits of using Acupuncture, Meditation, Yoga, and Supplements while recieving support through IUI, IVF,...

A Systemic Approach to Loving Your Lady Parts and Fertility ›
August 5, 2012   0

A great video which strengthens the approach we take here at Fertile Way in Edmonton: Look at your body SYSTEMICALLY. Nutrition is a cruicial part of balance. Foods are a large portion of your daily...

Stick out your tongue please! ›
July 11, 2012   0

What is in a Tongue?...who would have thought?...

Green Smoothies ›
July 9, 2012   0

 A great way to start off the day with whole foods! ...

How Teachable Are You? ›
March 9, 2012   0

How Teachable Are You? If you come across information that seems GREAT, Explore it, if it is seems SILLY or SCARY or ANGERS you, Explore it. If you have no emotion tied to it, move...

Is Depression & Anxiety in your Stomach? ›
March 1, 2012   0

In an excellent article from Scientific American it states a finding that Chinese Medicine has known for 1000’s of years. Everything is connected.  In Chinese Medicine we call it Dampness; a feeling of sluggishness in the digestive...

Is it really Gluten? ›
October 17, 2011   1

The most essential place to start when searching for answers regarding the body’s imbalances is our food. I do not advocate counting calories, cutting out white food products, or weighing in everyday. Just simply look at how...