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Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes that food is an essential foundation for a balanced mind. The food you eat, the air you breath, the water you drink, the rest you have, the work you do, the love you recieve, the thoughts you think all contribute to who you are.

Nutrition and Depression & Anxiety are vital for emotional balance. You eat everyday, why not take a bit of extra time to be kind to yourself and choose foods that nourish you, rather than expend energy trying to eliminate "foods" that hinder you. A balanced food plan are an excellent foundation for Natural Anxiety Treatments.

When looking at foods, we consider the source and how your body is fit to metaloblize the food. Foods are one of the best Natural Remedies for Depression & Anxiety.

What Foods Enhance the Mental and Emotional Body?

Our foods are rarely grown in nutrient rich soils or balanced environments that are preservative free. Thankfully, our bodies speak to us through discomfort and emotions. We can add in needed foods or supplements when we are educated about the signs and symptoms displayed from deficiencies.

Iodine deficiencies can contribute to panick attacks and low moods. Supplementation under the care of a pracitioner are often recommended, but adding in foods rich in iodine is an excellent place to start. Foods that contain iodine are tomatoe, rhubarb, dulse, cabbage, bananas. A common natural anxiety treatment.

Iron can help with fatigue that is often experienced with depression and anxiety. Iron rich foods are meat, fish and poultry, tahini, black strap molasses and raisins. Other non-animal sources of iron are best absorbed along with some vitamin C such as piece of fruit or vegetableand legumes.

Magnesium helps to relax the nervous system and tense muscles. Foods rich in Magnesium are halibut, almonds, brown rice, and avacodos. A common natural remedy for depression.

Licorice Tea helps to smooth the digestion and helps detoxify your liver which will help relieve the body of excess toxins and waste.

Vitamin B Complex helps to regulate adrenal hormones and energy. Foods high in B vitamins are: Tuna, Salmon, Potatoes, Spinach, Sunflower Seeds.

Fish and Flax oils are crucial for brain development and also helps hormone related mood imbalances.

Aloe Vera Juice is high in Vitamin A, C, E, D, B1, B2 and other minerals. This is an excellent source of nutrients to nourish the digestive track and help calm the mind.

Wheat Intolerance and Celiac are on the rise. In many cases these foods contribute to inflammation in the intestinal track, causing issues with absorbtion.


Are You Absorbing Your Nutrients?

In Chinese Medicine your Spleen and Stomach are responsible for taking in your foods, transforming and transpoting the nutrients. If you have used antibiotics, excess alcohol, over processed foods, Birth Control, raw vegetables, you digestive system may be comprimised and this will hinder the way you absorb foods.

Symptoms of digestive imbalances are:

Loose Bowel Movements • Constipation • Bloating

Joint Pain • Headaches • Cysts • Insomnia

Here at Fertile Way we will spend time evaluating each individual inorder make specific food and nutrient recommendations.

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"I’ve been working with Dr. Silins for about a year now. The one thing you will notice about her is that she cares, honestly, fully about you, and what you are there to see her for. I’ve had migraines for 12 years of my life; they were debilitating..."

S. -Edmonton

"Dr. Silins is more than just a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She has a gift to which words do not easily attach. She nurtures her gift with love and compassion, infusing both into her practice. Under her care, my life has been forever changed. I..."

Wendy T.

"Sabrina is subtle, intuitive, warm, and professional. Wish I still lived close enough to be her client!..."


"My supervisor at work recommended Dr. Silins to me - I struggle with anxiety and a variety of other, at times dehabilitating psychological issues. When I first met Sabrina I was uncomfortable even taking off my shoes in her office, and was very leery of having anyone touch me. Desperation..."

Amy Suddens, Professional Dancer

"Sabrina treated me over a period of 4months during my time as a dancer onboard the Norwegian Pearl. I was suffering from back and neck pain, poor sleep, irregular periods and anxiety. I had never had any contact with acupuncture or Chinese medicine before, but was very open to the..."


"I began seeing Sabrina for my Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), which symptoms include debilitating abdominal pain and cramping. From the very first treatment my “attacks” subsided to the point that now I often forget I have IBS and am able to fully function in my daily life. Sabrina taught me the importance..."

Bonnie M., Calgary , Alberta

"My experience with Chinese Medicine and specifically Sabrina was exceptional. Not only did this treatment option address my health concerns at the time, Sabrina always listened for what else was going on in my life that could be impacting my balance and pain. Sabrina is not just a healer but..."

Lorraine Beale

"It is impossible for me to put into a brief paragraph how Dr. Sabrina Silins changed my life.    I met her when she was doing her training. I had just finished having 2 consecutive car accidents within a 6 week period. I was on barbiturates, narcotics and many other Dr prescribed..."

Brandy H.

"After being on the birth control pill for 16 years and at the age of 33, my husband and I were ready to start our family. I started tracking my ovulation in January 2010 and month after month was faced with the disappointment of not conceiving. I researched..."

Wilma B.

"I truly believe in traditional Chinese Medicine. I originally went to Dr. Silins with chronic Sciattic pain. I was totally amazed how quickly that pain could be resolved. I continued to see Dr Silins and was treated for many different problems with supplements, reading and her kind and attentive attitude.  Thanks to..."


"I had been having difficulty with my hormones and my menstrual cycle since my mid thirties. I had undergone some blood transfusions due to out of control menstrual cycles, and the only options the medical community could offer me was either taking a birth control pill continuously until I was..."

Victoria Stokes

"Acupuncture and TCM has completely changed my life. I was told by medical professionals that conceiving a baby would be difficult for me and that the use of fertility drugs and other methods of modern medicine would be the route I had to take. I wanted to try TCM and..."


"I want to thank Sabrina for letting me live again. For the longest time, looking back now, I just existing and never knew what living was all about. I had suffered for many years with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and was told that I would have to live with it...."

Linda Simmons

"I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung cancer June 2010. By the time I was diagnosed I had a large mass in my right lung, swollen lymph nodes in my neck, chest and groin, a spot on a vertebrae and a metasisis in my brain. Surgery was not an..."

Michelle B.

"After having tried other health and wellness techniques/ practices (massage, eating right, staying active, yoga) I decided to give acupunture a try for my ailments/misalignments in my body. Sabrina helped me to rediscover myself and the person I am on the inside, way deep down. It has been a continuos..."

Violin N.

"I had the privilege of working for Dr. Silins in Calgary as well as be her patient. As a receptionist and clinic manager, I saw first hand the love her patients had for her. The practice consisted of several practitioners, however, she had amazing rapport with her patients and numerous people would call and..."

Leanne L.

"Dr. Silins has completely changed the way that I am able to function in my life. I suffered from migraine headaches for several years and was heavily medicated for my migraines. There were days that I was not able to function and be a good Mother. I could not be around any..."

Ann Zee BCom, R.Ac, DTCM

"Do you believe in miracles? I think they come in fleeting moments and within the capacity for kindness from people. Sabrina and I were colleagues together from Chinese medicine school. Sabrina has been gifted with many things; beauty, brains and a capacity for kindness that I have not witnessed very often in my..."


"I have truly appreciated all the care you provided for me, you are truly wonderful at what you do and I am thankful to have met you. Since breaking my tailbone in my first pregnancy I have experienced a lot of discomfort and pain. I tried traditional medicine and GP’s..."